Payroll Time Sheets

Contact: VEN payroll Team

Marianne Goetze 752-1717
FAX 754-7899

Blank Time sheets are stored on the counter in the department mail room, RMI North 1151
Completed time sheets should be turned in the folder there.


Bi-weekly time sheets are for those who are paid by the hour, varying from pay period to pay period.

The schedule is printed on the back of the form, including the beginning and ending dates of the pay period, When the time sheets are due, and when the pay date is.  All time should be entered to the nearest quarter hour.  Enter the hours worked, not the beginning and end times of work.  A subtotal for each week is optional.  Please include a total for the entire 2 week period.  Infrequently those paid bi-weekly may earn holiday time if they work over 50% of work hours in 2 bi-weekly periods.  The payroll person will calculate this and add it to your earnings.

For those who are being paid Work Study, please use the special Work Study Bi-weekly time sheet.


Most employees who are paid monthly do not need to complete and submit time sheets.
One exception is anyone on the monthly payroll who is being paid Work Study.
There are a few other exceptions where someone is paid variable time on a monthly basis, in which case a time sheet is required.