Traci Chriss 752-0380 Distribution, Rm. 1136 (Pick up checks (if not direct-deposited in banking accounts)

Marianne Goetze 752-1717

Employees who have signed up for On-line W-2s will be notified by e-mail about January 20 that their W-2 for the preceeding year is ready with instructions to access it.

For continuing employees who chose to get a paper W-2, theie W-2s will be sent to the V&E office and will be distributed by Traci Chriss. They usually are not sent to the departments until just a few days before the end of Janauary.

Employees who are no longer on payroll or those on leave will have there W-2 mailed by Payroll to the permanent address that is in the Payroll system. If an employee has not received a W-2, have them contact Anne Berg or Susan Woody for assistance.