Visa paperwork and processing

Contact: Payroll team venpayroll@ucdavis.edu
RMI North Rm 1162

Most non-U.S. citizens who come to stay for any time at UC Davis must obtain U.S visas before they come.

Those who will be enrolled students at UC Davis will do their visa paperwork as part of the enrollment procedure, and usually obtain an F1 visa.

J-1 and J-4 VISAs: 

Most visiting scholars including those paid as Postdocs or Junior Speciliasts as well as those who provide their own funding will need to obtain J-1 visas for themselves and J-4 visas for family members who come with them.  Please refer them to our payroll/personnel employees.  They will need to submit various information and documents to apply for the DS2019 form.  This will include a CV, copies of passports and any previous U.S. visa documents as well as documentation of funding for those who will not be UCD employees.  The payroll person will assemble the required documents and submit the packat to S.I.S.S.   S.I.S.S. will process the DS-2019 which we then FedEx to the visiting Scholar.  The visiting scholar takes the DS2019 to the U.S. embassy or consulate to obtain the actual visa.  The process should be started at least 2 months in advance to allow enough time before the visiting scholar is scheduled to come to UC Davis.  The sponsoring faculty member usually pays the cost of the J-1 visa processing, $325.

Note:  International Scholars who will stay for at least 3 months and who are NOT paid by UCD will require a WOS appointment as well as a J-1 visa.


Most of the time when a non-U.S. citizen requires an H-1B visa, it is because they have reached the J-1 5 years total.  It will be obtained for UC Employees only.  At the same time, family members may apply for H-4 visas.  The H-1B request requires far more documentation than the J-1, including a Wage approval from the State of Califonia, a notice posted for 10 days, and ordering checks from Dafis to pay some of the costs for the INS/Homeland Security.  The P.I. usually pays the costs which can be almost $3000, including premium processing fee for faster processing.