Student Fees and NRT Remission/Diversion

Linda Wiegand, 752-9352
Judy Blevins, 752-8035

Default payment of fees for Grad Students with payroll appointments:
If a graduate student has a payroll appointment of 25% or more, at least some of their fees will be paid.
For TA's and other teaching titles, the TA appointment pays partial fee remission, including 100% of the Education and Reg fees. It does not pay campus-based fees and does not pay Non-Resident Tuition (NRT).
For GSR's the appointment pays their salary and Fees and NRT from the funding account.

Payment of fees from other sources - Fee Remission or Diversion:
Grad Students with Block Grants or Scholarships may chose to have fees or NRT paid from those other accounts. Or if the P.I.s grant does not allow payment of fees/NRT, the fees may be paid from another souce.
If all fees/NRT cannot be paid from a particular account, the Account Manager can divert the fees/NRT/medical insurance to another account which does allow this. If a fee diversion is used, it applies to all grad students paid on the account for the current academic year.
If the fees cannot be diverted or the grad student does not have an appointment in a quarter, there are several possible forms.
If the employee is to be paid from a different department account, 1. the account manager sets up a "Fina" account, 2. a Banner Request form is completed and sent to Grad Studies (CeCe Coyle), 3. then a Graduate Student Fellowship Payment Request Form is sent to Grad Studies if in-state are to be paid or a Request to Substitute Non-Resident Tuition Remission if Non-Resident Tuition is to be paid.
Since Judy Blevins coordinates Scholarship payments, the account manager and payroll person need to work together with her, especially when there are last minute changes to how the fees and NRT wi ll be paid. If Judy has entered fee payments in the student accounting system (Banner) and then a payroll appointment is entered, the fee payment may need to be backed out. Another complication is that the Payroll System exchanges information with the Student Accounting System every evening but there is a lag time between the entry of payroll GSR and TA appointments and the Fee amounts appearing in the Student Accounting System.

Because of the rising cost of Fees and NRT, a few years ago a policy was implemented to pay back 25% of Fees/NRT that are paid by faculty research grants. This is entered in the system at the end of a quarter so the accounting system may not show the buyback to the P.I. untill after the fact.

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