Payroll Processing

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Marianne Goetze,  752-1717

RMI North, Rm. 1162, 1148
FAX: (530) 754-7889
E-mail: venpayroll@ucdavis.edu 

Those paid monthly will usually receive their pay on the 1st day of the month after the month that they are being paid for, i.e. paid on April 1 for the month of March.  (If the first of the month falls on a weekend, pay day will be the Friday before or the Monday after.)

Those paid Bi-weekly, which includes most employees who are paid by the hour, are paid on a Wednesday 1 ½ weeks after the Saturday end of the 2-week pay period.

The payroll actually is run on the computer several days before the pay day and the Vit & Enol payroll person enters the information in the system about 2 working days before the payroll is run.  The payroll person enters hours worked for hourly employees, any vacation or sick leave taken, and authorizes pay for monthly employees who are paid on soft money. 

If time sheets are late, they will be processed with the next payroll to be run, unless the fault is not the employee’s and the employee needs an emergency check.  Any Absence forms turned in after the payroll run will be held until the next month.


Employees who have direct deposit of pay UCD is no longer sending paper Earnings Statements to the department.

You can access it on-line using the link below.

If you do not know your Username or password, click on "New User or Don't Have a Username?" at the bottom and follow the instructions.  After you get signed in, click on Earnings Statement, which is to the right side of the page under Income & Taxes.

If you need additional information, look at the following web site.