Payroll Absence Notice

Contact people: Viticulture & Enology Payroll Team
Marianne Goetze:  752-1717

RMI North, Rm. # 1162, 1148
FAX:(530) 754-7889
E-mail: venpayroll@ucdavis.edu


Career employees are required to report vacation and sick leave time taken off. Faculty are required to report only vacation time.

Absence slips are kept in the department mail room.  You can also obtain an absent slip from one of the payroll team or download the slip below.

Note:  Postdocs report their leave time to the P.I. only.  It does not go in payroll.

Jury duty is university paid time.  Employees do not use vacation to cover it, but may need to provide proof of jury duty.

Absence slip.doc