President Bachelet of Chile and Governor Schwarzenegger visit UCD vineyards

The UC Davis Hopkins Vineyard was privileged to host a stop at campus today by President Michelle Bachelet of Chile and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The two made a very brief visit for photos before heading to Freeborn Hall to sign some major agreements between Chile and California that includes one to support grape and wine research collaborations and student exchanges between Viticulture and Enology and Chilean Universities. Student Alysha Stehly and Professor Andy Walker guided the two visitors down a vineyard row close to the Winkler vine, showing them the trellis types and explaining the need for canopy management in winegrapes. They also discussed Dr. Walker's extensive work with disease-resistant rootstocks and what they will ultimately mean to California, and international, viticulture. The Chilean press was out in force, along with the UCD campus press office. Security was tight and CHP demonstrated its expertise in moving along the motorcade.
June 12, 2008