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There are different procedures depending what kind of hire you want to do. But ALL hires require a green “EMPLOYEE HIRE FORM” be submitted to department payroll staff which includes the title to be used, account to be charged, pay rate, percent of appointment, and begin and end dates of appointment. All new hires will be required to fill out a packet of payroll forms before they can be added to the payroll system. If you are in doubt about what title to use, please ask the payroll representative.

Undergraduate Student Hires require a brief Job Description which must be approved by the Student Employment Center. (If hiring a title at the level IV, a more detailed list of duties and requirements is required.) The individual must be a registered UC student. If the P.I. does not have someone preselected for the job, the job will be posted on the SEC website. The P.I. can decide how to have students apply.

Graduate Student Hires as Grad Student Researcher (GSR) do not require approval from outside the department unless they have Work Study, in which case the job must be entered in the Student Employment Center website. (The SEC issues the Work Study form to the department.) The student must be registered 12 units each academic quarter. Anne Berg processes GSRs. TA’s and Readers require an Application. Susan Woody processes them.

Junior Specialists
can be hired for up to 2 years maximum. They must have earned a Bachelor’s degree. The appointment must be approved by the Ag Dean’s office. The P.I. submits a brief letter, including a brief description of the individual’s qualifications and experience, source of funding, and results of any faculty consultation (if any). The P.I needs a short separate job description outlining responsibilities – two or three items with % of effort for each. The employee must complete a UCD Academic Biography form or a CV and a publication list if any.

Postdocs can be hired up to 5 years total. They must have earned a doctorate. The appointment must be approved by Graduate Studies. The P.I. will complete the appointment letter using the template supplied, which will include the start and end time of the appointment, percentage of time, rate of compensation, and source of support. Also include job responsibilities and expectations. The Payroll personnel person will provide information about health benefits, leave information, and contacts in the letter The letter must be signed by the P.I., Chair, and Postdoc. The Postdoc must complete a UCD Academic Biography. But we can send a CV or Resume with the initial packet.

Staff Hires. A Short-Term/Emergency Hire is used for Staff titles that will be less than 4 months when the P.I. already know whom s/he will be hiring. These positions must be approved by HR, but they usually approve them quickly. The P.I. must submit an electronic copy of the Short-Term Emergency Job Description which requires less detail than a career staff hire. The employee must complete and sign a UCD job application. The short-term hire is usually used for lower level positions such as Lab Helper or Lab Assistant or lower level SRA hires. It is also used to get someone hired when there is not time to go through a career hire before an employee is needed.

Career Staff Hires. The P.I. must submit a full Job Description and tentative Job Title, which must be approved by Human Resources. These jobs are “open recruitment.” The positions must be advertized in the UCD Jobs listing . HR collects and reviews the applications and sends the qualifying ones back to the department. The P.I. then arranges and holds interviews, and chooses the best candidate.

Without Salary Hires. (WOS) This involves an appointment in the PPS Payroll system. This procedure is used for any U.S. citizen, non-UC employee who will be affiliated with the department for a period of time. Also use for visiting foreign scholars who have faculty or advanced research positions in their home institution, or any visiting scholar who will be at UCD at least 3 months.  These appointments must be approved by the Ag Dean’s office. The P.I. must supply a brief letter describing the department’s relationship with the scholar, the expected duration of the appointment, the person’s relevant background, who they are collaborating with and what they will be doing. For visiting scholars, the payroll team can create a draft copy of the letter using the information that was supplied for the visa processing.The letter must be signed by the V&E chair or vice chair. The affiliate must submit a CV or complete a UCD Academic Biography form and publication list.  Before the appointment is entered in the payroll system, the affiliate must complete the usual payroll forms, even if s/he is not being paid.

Academic WOS hires are those who have a strong connection with the department that includes teaching or mentoring of graduate students. They will be appointment as Adjunct Professor Without Salary. This position requires the same hiring packet as faculty, must be approved by the faculty, and reviewed the same as faculty.