Key Control for Enology Building Wine Cellar Doors

May 25, 2005

1. A new padlock will be installed today.

2. Unless someone is in the cellar the door will be locked. In order to not have people locked in, there will be a sign-in sheet posted at the door. ANYONE entering the cellar MUST sign in and out (otherwise one may be locked in).

3. Keys will be issued ONLY to faculty, Mike Ramsey, Chik Brenneman, Paul Green and Mary Kitchen.

4. Faculty keys MAY not be loaned to students under any circumstances.

5. If a student or staff member needs to be in the cellar they must have a permission slip signed by one of the following: Andy Waterhouse (Chair), Andy Walker (Vice-chair) or Hildegarde Heymann (Chair of the Winery Committee). They will then be able to sign out a key – keys will only be signed out for 24 hours (in the case of weekends for 72 hours max). If they do not plan ahead and need entry then the faculty member MUST be in the cellar with them. In other words, faculty may NOT lend their keys. If we find that faculty members did NOT follow this policy their key privileges will be revoked.

6. All wine entering or leaving the cellar must be signed in or out. A form will be available at the cellar door. If anyone is caught with wine that was not signed in or out there will be consequences.