RMI North, Rm. # 1162
FAX: 754-7899



Telephone not working

If your phone is working well enough to call out, dial 611 for the Communications Resources Help Desk.

If you can't even dial out, go to any campus phone and dial 611.

Have your phone number and description of the problem ready.

Voice Mail

To order voice mail please contract the Business Office with the following information Name, telephone, NAM# requested due date, and Acct#. You will receive paperwork information from Telecommunication in a 3-4 days with activation instruction.

Telephone Unit

To purchase telephone unit: The single line phone is available from Telecommunication Cortelco for $30.00 and Cortelco Cordless for $78.00. Or you can purchase a phone at any outside vendor. (see Purchase Order section) If you have any additional questions please contact the Business Office or email venpurchasing@ucdavis.edu.

Wireless Telephone and Service

Go to the Telecommunication Websiter: http://cr.ucdavis.edu/

  • click on Rates and Services
  • click on Services
  • click on Wireless
  • click on Wireless Mobile Data GPRS/EDGE Network
  • click on either Wireless Mobile Data Rate Equipment or Wireless Mobile Data Plan.

To order /change wireless phone or service please fill out completely the Purchasing Order Form with equipment # and/or plan name or #, and current telephone and submit to venpurchasing@ucdavis.edu or turn in to the Business Office inbox in RMI North Bldg Room 1152.

Cancel current wireless service

Please e-mail venpurchasing@ucdavis.edu with the telephone and the date you want service discontinued. I lost my cellular phone? Contact the Business Office immediately.