Shipping & Receiving

Contact Person:

Traci Chriss 752-0380


The Main Office Personnel
RMI North, Rm. # 1151
TEL: 752-0380
FAX: 752-0382


Packages arriving:

A variety of shipping carriers deliver throughout the day to the department and the boxes are staged in the mailroom for pickup. The front office will check the package in, write in the date and the associated person or lab on the box. Labs will be called right away to come pick up any frozen or "requires refrigeration" boxes.

Packages going out:

The Mail Division has a website you can navigate to assist with your specific or unusual questions. http://ucdmm.ucdavis.edu/maildiv/index.html

Preparing: http://ucdmm.ucdavis.edu/maildiv/preparation.html

Addressing: http://ucdmm.ucdavis.edu/maildiv/addressing.html

Delivery: http://ucdmm.ucdavis.edu/maildiv/delivery.html

Express Mail: http://ucdmm.ucdavis.edu/maildiv/express.html

Domestic mail: http://ucdmm.ucdavis.edu/maildiv/domestic.html

International mail: http://ucdmm.ucdavis.edu/maildiv/inter.html

UPS: http://ucdmm.ucdavis.edu/maildiv/ups.html