Office Supplies

Contact Person:

Traci Chriss 752-0380


The Main Office Personnel
RMI North, Rm. # 1162

TEL: 752-0380
FAX: 754-9117


The Main Office keeps a supply of commonly used office supplies in small quantities for use by the department. If you need a supply in larger quantities you will need to place the order & have it debited to your office or lab.

  • There is a “quick guide” of where to find the supply you’re looking for posted on the desk overhead in the mailroom.
  • If you take the last of a supply or notice the inventory level is low, please write the description of the item on the “Supply Re-order Form” posted on the desk overhead in the mailroom.

Paper stock:

  • There are two supplies of paper stock. The copy machine paper stock is in the short cabinet in the mailroom and is to be used for copy jobs only. General use paper stock is stored at the bottom of the tall cabinet in the mailroom and can be used for any use other than for the copy machine.
  • Transparency film is also supplied by the department and is stored in the short cabinet.