V&E Featured in WineBusiness.com Article

Industry Research Now More Accessible to Winemakers and Growers
By Cathy Fisher
From Daily News Links, 12/18/2006

In response to cries by the wine industry for more accessible and approachable research, the Trellis Alliance, working with UC Davis, has begun providing summaries of the industry's most relevant and timely research efforts.

The Trellis Alliance, made up of UCD Department of Viticulture and Enology alumni and other industry professionals from the U.S. and abroad, began reviewing articles on specific topics in order to help its own membership better understand today's most important new ideas and technologies. The Trellis Alliance also makes the summaries available to all who are interested via their website.

This is the begining of an article available via Wine Business Online, a magazine of the wine industry. Visit the link below to read the entire article