V&E Department Helps a Family Have a Happy Holiday Season

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The Department of Viticulture and Enology is collecting food and gifts for a family in the Davis community through the Short Term Emergency Aid Committee (STEAC). Families served by the STEAC program are often on limited incomes and they may have family members who are handicapped or housebound. We are collecting non-perishable food items, money for the purchase of perishable goods, and gifts for each family member.

Our family of five consists of: Javier, age 40 and wears an extra large; Ricardo, age 25 and wears a 2X in clothes; Ana, age 25 and wears a 2X in clothes. The children are Ana-Leticia age 3, and wears a size 6; and Estrella age 2, who wears a size 2. Items on their wish list include clothes for the children, clothes and a gift certificate for Javier, gift certificates for Ana, and a gift certificate or tools and a radio for Ricardo.

All items will be collected in a box in 1017 Wickson (The Winkler Library). You can give cash donations to Sue Ebeler or Kay Bogart. The deadline for donations will be the week of December 11, 2006. Additional food items, gifts, or donations are welcomed by STEAC and will be distributed to additional families who are in need but did not receive them.

Please see Sue Ebeler at 752-0696 or Kay Bogart at 754-9876 for further details regarding the STEAC Holiday Family.

The following is a list of needed food items:

Apples/oranges (3-4 pounds)

Pasta (2 boxes or bags)

Bean entree (5 cans)

Pasta Sauce (1 jar)

Biscuit mix (1 large box)

Potatoes (3 lbs fresh or 1 box instant)

Cake mix/Frosting (1 box)

Peanut butter (1 large jar)

Cookie mix (1 box)

Rice (1 pound)

Cereal (1 large box)

Soup (5 cans or pkgs)

Cranberries (1 can)

Sugar (2 pounds)

Fruit (5 cans)

Crackers (1 box)

Jam/jelly (1 large jar)

Tuna (3 cans)

Juice (1 large can or jar)

Vegetables (5 cans)

Milk (2 boxes, dried)

Pix Mix/Crust (1 box)

Mayonnaise (1 jar)

Tomato products (4 cans)

Oil (medium bottle)

Syrup (1 small bottle)

Stuffing (1 box)

Holiday Treats (candy, cookies, etc.)

Additional Items of your choice

Additional information about the STEAC program is available at http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/go/steac/