V&E Team Wins UCD Food Olympics Second Year Running

V&E Team Wins UCD Food Olympics Second Year Running

Photo at right was from the Department of Food Science and Technology.

The UCD Food Olympics is a yearly culinary tournament hosted by the Food Science graduate student organization and open to teams made up of UCD students, faculty and staff. In 2006, there were eight teams who competed in 4 arenas of expertise. These include: 1) the Culinary Combat, similar to an Iron Chef competition, where the contestants are given specific ingredients and asked to prepare an entrée, a side dish and a dessert from those ingredients only, 2) food engineering, 3)food trivia, similar to a “Food-Jeopardy” and 3) food golf. There were 3 judges this year, 2 from the Culinary Institute of America and one, Mike Dunne, a food writer from the Sacramento Bee.

The team from Viticulture and Enology, appropriately called “The Wineaux”, won the competition for the second year in a row. Team member Mark Krasnow, of the Matthews’ lab, said the team’s fried trout with lemon grass, bratwurst dumplings in a pesto sauce and lemon-curd-stuffed cream puffs were a unanimous favorite with all the judges. Kirsten Skogerson, another team member, remarked on the ongoing success of the V&E team: “Good food, like good wine, is all about balance and simplicity. Our team was made up of like-minded people who intuitively understood this concept, making our effort even more fortunate. Simple flavors, perfectly integrated and seasoned, always succeed. We proved that.”

Andrew Waterhouse, Viticulture and Enology Department Chair, congratulated the team, “Our students appreciation of food quality and their individual and team culinary skills really showed through.”