Viticulture & Enology Employees Receive Awards

Blevins, Ramsey, Wiegand, and Nunes

Viticulture and Enology Employees Receive Awards:

Pictured from left to right are: Judy Blevins, Mike Ramsey, Linda Wiegand, and Della Nunes. Not pictured is Dan Ng, who is away on vacation.

The Department of Viticulture and Enology has a good deal to celebrate; the department gathered for Morning Coffee on Friday, August 4th, to honor employees receiving service and performance awards. Judy Blevins was recognized for her many years of service to the campus and received a jeweled service-pin to mark her 30th anniversary as a University employee. Judy currently serves as our Academic Program Advisor. Della Nunes, Linda Wiegand, Mike Ramsey, and Dan Ng received performance awards. The four are the first recipients of the newly created Staff Recognition Awards, established to celebrate exceptional efforts in supporting the mission, vision, and values that are vital to the success of the department. Department Chair, Andy Waterhouse awarded the recipients gift certificates to be spent at their discretion.

To quote from the nomination forms:

Mike Ramsey: “…has significantly and consistently improved the way we teach our laboratory classes. He has provided essential long term vision on how our labs should integrate as well as wrote and received grants from internal and external sources that have improved the status of the equipment in the teaching labs. Moreover, Mike’s near complete revamp of VEN 126 has significantly improved and updated that course…”

Linda Wiegand: “…for her timely and accurate supply and equipment ordering that is essential for the success of the undergraduate laboratory classes. Multiple orders to a wide array of vendors can be required each day. Significant follow-up may be required when orders stall with vendors. Sometime, quick “work-arounds” need to be developed to obtain on order from an on-line source. These difficult work problems are handled very smoothly and professionally by Linda…”

Della Nunes: “…always takes the time to explain the various processes to those of us who can’t seem to retain the darn information! She always has an immediate response for when we are in “panic mode”. I truly appreciate her expertise, assistance, time and patience…”

Dan Ng: “…is a staple of the department. What would do without Dan? He is always willing to pitch in and help, whether it be for the student, staff, or faculty for any project we ask him for assistance with. He always has a great attitude and he is truly an asset to this department. He has saved the department hundreds if not thousands of dollars for his continued photography support. It does not matter when or where, Dan is always there-even on Graduation Day…”