Independent Consultants

Contact Person:
Linda Wiegand
RMI North, Rm. # 1162

FAX: 754-7899




This section outlines policy and procedures for securing the service of independent consultants.

An independent consultant is an individual or organization outside the university of proven professional and technical competence who provides primarily technical or professional advice to the university in an independent contractor relationship. The end product is usually a written or oral report, study, design, or set of recommendations. Consultants are vendors who provide professional services over which the University has neither the right to control the manner of performance nor the results of the service. No purchasing action is required with consultants. These services should be obtained on an Independent Consultant Agreement form through the Business Contracts Office (UCD P&PM 380-70).


1. Inquires informally with other party to determine:

a. Nature of work.
b. Where and when work is to be performed.
c. What University resources may be required, if any.
d. Whether other party has additional specifications, or terms and conditions they request to be considered for insertion into the final consultant agreement.

2. Refers to Exhibit A and sends the following materials to Business Contracts as far in advance of required date to start services for consultant as possible and before any work begins:

a . The Business Agreement Request and Data Sheet (BARDS), available at http://ucdmm.ucdavis.edu/contracts/bards.html, signed by department head, director, or designee and the Dean or Vice Chancellor. The BARDS form should be read carefully and be filled out completely.
b. All attachments to the agreement request must be included with the BARDS form (e.g., detailed scope of work, budget, copies of grants or proposals, RFP specifications, Independent Contractor Pre-hire Worksheet if you are hiring an individual consultant vs. a firm, and/or the Possible Conflict of Interest form from http://ucdmm.ucdavis.edu/contracts/index.html if necessary). At UCDHS, send the Independent Contractor Pre-hire Worksheet to UCDHS Human Resources for approval.
c. The official name of the University corporation, "The Regents of the University of California," shall be used on all agreements.

Please fill out completely all the required forms and submit to Linda Wiegand.