Library Access for non-employees


Univeristy employees gain library access by taking their Employee I.D. cards to the Circulation Desk in Shields Library


If a person affiliated with UCD is not a paid employee, they can get a UCD Employee Id by being added to the Payroll system with a WOS (without Salary) appointment. The ID number or the Payroll Summary form (IDOC) can be taken to 2100 Dutton Hall to get a UCD ID card. The ID card is then taken to Shields Library to get library access. See WOS section.


A person who has a short-term affiliation with the university but does not qualify for a WOS appointment may gain library access by completing a Volunteer Information form, and a state Oath and Patent Acknowledgement form plus the
Temporary Computing Account Form. (Now Online)
and the Temporary Affiliate Form
Department computer personnel as well as payroll/personnel employees can help with this process.

2. Information Form. Take the completed form to Student Accounting, at 2100 Dutton Hall, with the scholar's passport, to get a photo ID card.

3. TAF Temporary Affiliate Form (on-line as of 02/06/08, replaces paper Temporary Computing Account Form.) 1. The sponsor of the visiting scholar begins the process. Go to http://taf.ucdavis.edu. This page gives general instructions for filling out the on-line form. Click on the link under “To Begin the Process.” Most of it is self-explanatory. However, the first page requires the sponsor to enter an e-mail for the affiliate. This must be an existing e-mail account. For “Type”, use the closest one that has “visiting” in the title. Do NOT use “Foreign Exchange Student” or “Other. 2. The form is sent to the affiliate’s existing e-mail to verify the information. After He/She verifies the info, the form goes back to the sponsor, who now indicates a department approver, either the MSO or Dept Chair or Vice Chair if the other 2 are not available. The approver does the approval which is sent to IT.

After you have received your computer account, take your photo ID card and the information about your computer account to the Circulation Desk at Shields Library. The library will activate the UCD photo ID card for library privileges.

Note: There are some restrictions on library access. If you have questions about the Library's policy regarding non-employees, visit the Shields Library Web site regarding Library Privileges, http://www.lib.ucdavis.edu/dept/access/circ/borcirc/libcardsprivileges.php#vis or contact Marianne Hawkins, Head of Circulation, at mthawkins@ucdavis.edu or 752-9852.