Fax Machine

Traci Chriss 752-0380; Rm. # 1136, RMI North Bldg.

RMI North Blgs., the FAX Machine is located in Rm. # 1149

FAX: 752-0382



If you need assistance with machine functions or have trouble with the fax machine, please see the front office personnel to assist you. You can find a fax cover sheet in the verticle sorter to the left of the fax machine. http://wineserver.ucdavis.edu/pdf/Fax.pdf

  • There is a “quick guide” to dialing fax numbers both domestically and international posted on the wall behind the fax machine.
  • Please use the fax log to record the details of your outbound fax.
  • There is a guide “how to” dial international phone numbers (requiring country / city codes) behind the fax log entry pages.
  • The front desk personnel should make the call for repairs as needed. In her absence, the fax instruction book and repair contact information can be found in her desk drawer file folder, bottom right side marked “fax machine”.