Department Vehicle (the Van)


Traci Chriss 752-0380

RMI North, Rm # 1162
FAX: 752-0382



The department has a calendar/sign-up sheet to reserve the department vehicle in the Mail/Copy room, Rm. # 1149.

Fill in the requested date, your name, and the check out and in time you need it.

The day and time you need the vehicle you will pick up the keys located next to the calendar/sign up sheet, along with a trip ticket, also located next to the calendar. The department vehicle is normally parked in back of Wickson, unless otherwise noted on the keys.

Before you leave the parking lot, enter the beginning mileage on your trip ticket.

Please remember this is a department vehicle and it is your responsibility to have the vehicle back at the time you indicated on the calendar for others who have reserved it after you.

We also ask that you allocate additional time to gas the car at Central Garage before returning the vehicle and make sure you return it clean. ·

After you park the vehicle, mark down your mileage on your trip ticket and leave it in the small in-box above the calendar with the keys.

You or your Faculty sponsor will be billed accordingly from the information you provided. ·

If, you have an accident, you must immediately notify Fleet Services within 24 hours of your return, otherwise the department, therefore you or your faculty sponsor will pay the full cost of the damages.

Rules for use of the Department VAN

Gate Card, Core Pass, and Gas Card will remain in the VAN at all times.

Return the VAN clean, no dirt or food leftovers. (Fleet Services has areas for you to vacuum out the van) ·

ALWAYS return the Van with full tank of gas. Remember that the Van is a privilege, not a right. Being courteous to the next user is YOUR responsibility. ·

If the van is used in the vineyard, WASH IT!! (Fleet Services has a vehicle washing stall) ·

Since the Van has many department users we ask that you restrict the usage of the van to short trips only and check out a vehicle from Fleet Services, (752-0787) for anything longer than one day. The charges accrued are the same in both cases. ·

If you are in an accident, you must immediately report it to Fleet Services at 752-0787. Under the Policy and Procedure Manual, section 370-25 II Policy A,1 C it states that: "If the Department fails to report damages within 24 hours of the driver's return or to make the vehicle available for repairs within 45 days, the full cost of the repair will be assessed to the Department. Thus, to the last person listed on the sign out sheet. ·

If you see a taillight, blinker, or any other small item on the van that needs immediate attention, it is your responsibility to take it to Fleet Services for repair. Generally, unless it is a major repair, Fleet services will take care of it for you quickly and you can be on your way.

Please do not bring the van back to the department relying on someone else to do it for you.