Copy Machine

Contact Person:
Traci Chriss 752-0380

RMI North, Rm # 1136FAX: 752-0382


Without proper training, you can damage expensive parts of the copy machine when attempting to clear jams so please seek assistance.

If you need assistance with machine functions or have trouble with the copy machine, please see Traci Chriss in the Main Office, Rm. 1136. They will be happy to assist you.

There are “quick guides” to programming overheads and how to reduce European paper posted on the bulletin board behind the copy machine.

If you have large copy jobs, they can be submitted to Quick Copy/Reprographics (752-0867). See the front desk personnel in the main office for a Quick Copy form. http://reprographics.ucdavis.edu.

Copy Cards:

Each Faculty Member and their labs have their own copy card. In addition, each class also has their own copy card. The Main Office has cards for Faculty & the current quarters class cards available. They can be borrowed but they need to be returned to the Main Office after use. If you’ve lost your card or your card is not working properly please see Linda Wiegand in the Business office.

Copy requests:

If you would like the staff to do a copy project for you, please fill out a “copy request form” found in the vertical sorter in the mailroom and drop it off with Traci, Val or Susan.

Please submit requests with reasonable turn around time whenever possible.


There is special copy paper stock found in the short filing cabinet. This paper is ordered without charge to the department since our copy per page charge from Reprographics includes the price of the paper.

If for some reason the V & E Copy Machine is out of order; please inquire from Traci Chriss as to using the FST's copy machine in Rm. # 1139, RMI North Bldg.  Traci Chriss can give you a code which can be inputted into the copy machine to activate the copier.