Business Cards

Contact Name:
Linda Wiegand, 530-752-9352

RMI North, RM# 1154

Email: venpurchasing@ucdavis.edu

You can now access Repro Graphics' online business card ordering site at http://reprographics.ucdavis.edu/businesscards/ .

They have many new campus approved designs for your selection.

PRIOR TO ORDERING ON-LINE: Check with Linda Wiegand in the Business Office for a valid DaFIS account number.

Once on the business card website you will be asked for billing contact information as follows:

AFTER ORDERING ON-LINE: Please provide a copy of the order to Linda Wiegand in the Business Office.

To start your order with Repro Graphics, you will be asked to log in using your campus Kerberos user ID and password.

You will need at least the following information to complete your order:

For the business card itself:

Department Address
Web site URL ·
Valid DaFIS account number or blanket ID you are authorized to use ·
Billing contact information ·
Shipping instructions

Upon completing your order, you will receive a confirmation number and a summary of your order on-screen as well as via e-mail.

Orders are shipped in seven to ten business days. Custom cards, cards requiring printing on two sides, translations, and/or cards that do not conform to the templates cannot be ordered online.

Please call Repro Graphics for ordering instructions and estimates. If you have any questions, please call (530) 757-3500. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please feel free to contact me at the phone number or email address below. Ken Woodard Associate Director Materiel Management - Contracting University of California, Davis