Purchase Order


RMI North, Rm. # 1162
FAX: 754-7899
EMAIL: venpurchasing@ucdavis.edu





To order supplies please fill out completely the Purchasing Order Form and submit to venpurchasing@ucdavis.edu or turn in Business Office inbox outside of room 1152 RMI North Bldg.

Orders placed by Requester will be ready within 8 working hours. Business Office placed orders will be done within 48 working hours. However, please discuss special situations or emergencies with Linda Wiegand.

You will receive a confirmation of your order in your lab mailbox in RMI North Bldg. mailroom 1151.

Our department purchasing delegation is $4999.00, including tax and shipping, and no one item may cost over $4999.00 including tax shipping. All supply orders not from a contract vendor greater than $4999.00 and all equipment orders greater than $5000.00 are processed through Purchasing.

Definition on inventorial equipment – is defined as an item that has a value of $5000 or more, is free-standing, and has a normal life expectancy of one year or more. All theft-sensitive items must be must be purchased on a purchase requisition and may not be reimbursed “after the fact”. Read: http://directives.ucdavis.edu/2002/02-035.cfm

For equipment order please fills out completely the purchase order form include the UC Property Number.

Delivery time on package is usually 7-10 days. If required sooner please have faculty signature required for expedite delivery shipment section on Purchase Order.

After package is received please sign and date original packing slip and turn in Business Office inbox outside of room 1152 RMI North Bldg. If you do not get packing slip please e-mail venaccounting@ucdavis.edu or turn in copy of Purchase Order signed and dated in Business Office inbox outside of room 1152 RMI North Bldg.

What is an unauthorized purchase? Please go to the following link: http://purchasing.ucdavis.edu/geninfo/unauthorized.cfm

Vendor Repair Orders (DRO)

Before a repair order can be processed the Business Office must check that the vendor has appropriate insurance certificate(s) on file. Please see the Business Office before talking to a vendor in regards to repairing equipment.