Oakville House


Chik Brenneman

104 Enology Bldg.

TEL: 754-9067

FAX: 752-0382


Arrangements and scheduling for the use of this facility will be made in advance with the Department Main Office.

Your request form must be completed and signed prior to final approval.

Forms can be obtained in the Main Office or down loaded from our weblink http://wineserver.ucdavis.edu/pdf/oakville.pdf

Use of this facility is limited to meeting the temporary housing needs of University employees/students conducting research at Oakville that require on-site attention.

This facility IS NOT a long-term solution to meet the housing needs of an employee or student to set up residence. Long term is considered more than 2 consecutive weeks.

The use of this facility is privilege - NOT A RIGHT!

This is designated a “non smoking” and drug free facility.

Firearms are absolutely not permitted on the grounds or in the house.

No engagement in illegal trade or activity on or about the premises.

When not occupied, the lights, heat will be turned off and windows will be closed and locked.

Thermostat control should remain at 65 for heating. Be economical, electricity and hot water is expensive. · No space heaters of any kind! · No fires in fireplace at anytime!

There is no phone service available for the Oakville House. Please make arrangements to have a cell phone available for emergency when staying overnight.

Empty Kitchen garbage “DAILY” into the outside garbage cans. Please recycle. There are different bins for garbage vs plastics & paper. Sweep or mop floors and vacuum carpet so dirt, dust and other debris does not accumulate on the floor and carpet to cause damage. Wash dishes, utensils, and cooking ware “Daily”, and do not accumulate in sink. Clean up the cooking stove if you spill items or when it is dirty.

Everyone is responsible to clean up after themselves.

Use cabinets and closets to store dry staples, clothes and personal gear; and these items are not to be piled or thrown.

Keep refrigerator clean. Do not let foods spoil or spill. Personal food items must be removed immediately at time of departure and refrigerator wiped clean.

Please do not use beds without mattress covers, linens, i.e., and sheets.All mattresses will be kept in their respective locations and on the bed frames.

No pets allowed at any time.

The Oakville House is limited to only university employees conducting research activities at Oakville. There will be no family, guests or friends staying at the house.

No bicycles, motor vehicles, etc. allowed inside the house.

Do not put tacks, nails, etc, into the walls. Nothing should be hung on the walls.

This is temporary living arrangement for convenience.

No alternations or additions to shelves, electrical fixtures, wiring, etc. or any other physical changes can be made without prior approval of the department Chair or MSO.

All extension cords, lamps, etc. must be three wire grounded.

Remove all personal items at the time of departure.

We are not responsible for lost items.

Anything left will be disposed of. If disposal of any items have a removal cost associated to it, the sponsoring PI will be charged directly.

Parking is only allowed in designated areas.

In the case of routine repairs please contact the Main Office at 752-0380. A routine repair request is characterized as any repair that would improve or maintain the comfort and convenience of your living environment. These would include replacing light bulbs, repairing leaking faucets, and electrical repairs.

For more serious electrical or plumbing problems, during working hours (8:00a.m.-5:00p.m.) please contact the Main Office at 530-752-0380. However, after hours please use the contact list of vendors attached to this agreement. An Emergency Repair constitutes a life, health, safety or potential damage to facility concern. These may include a flooding, fire, and propane leak.

It is your responsibility to contact the Main Office the following day to inform them of the after hours emergency.

Key’s are to be returned immediately to the Department Main Office upon departure.

Shared quarters: When sharing the house with other researchers please be respectful and under no circumstances do you do anything that would cause bad feelings between other occupants. This is most important.

No Vandalism or stealing of any kind will be tolerated.

Upon your arrival and then again departure, the sponsoring PI may be directly charged a Custodial expense of up to $300 per cleaning. If the facility was shared, both sponsoring PI’s will split the expense.

Upon the returned-signed agreement, both the sponsoring PI and University employee/student has acknowledged that all rules are understood and will be followed. The signors violation to any provision in these agreements may result in immediate suspension from the house.


The following are some guidelines as to what constitutes a maintenance emergency. Remember that an emergency is anything relating to the property that is threatening to life, health or the property and cannot wait until the next business day for repair.

Clogged Toilet: This may be considered an emergency ONLY if you have made every effort, including plunging, to clear the stoppage yourself. (In any case, turn off the valve behind the toilet, shut the lid and clean up any mess

Broken Pipe: Turn off the water valve to the broken pipe or to the exterior water main, if you can locate it, until a contractor arrives. Do everything within your power to contain any leaking or flooding if possible.

Propane Odor: (Important note - natural gas has the unmistakable odor of rotten eggs.) If you suspect the heater is leaking propane, turn off the gas supply to that propane tank (map attached). Then call ????????

No Hot Water: No hot water can only be considered an emergency when you have had no hot water for an extended period of time, more than 24 hours and it is not during a Main Office’s normal business hours for you to report the problem. Only then may this be considered an emergency. Otherwise, for anything less than 24 hours it will be considered general maintenance and you will need to contact the Main Office. Please be resourceful and heat pots of water on the stove, etc. until the problem can be fixed.

The following maintenance issues are NOT generally considered emergencies:

  • Refrigerator not working
  • Oven not working
  • Lock-outs
  • Pest control
  • No hot water
  • Heater Repair: Unless you smell propane (a rotten egg smell) then please contact ?????????????? to report the problem.
  • Broken Doorknob, Lock, or Window: Should be reported during normal business hours to the Main Office, 530-752-0380..
  • Lock-Outs: The Department is NOT responsible for occupants who have locked themselves out of the house. It will be the occupant’s responsibility to contact a locksmith to gain entry and pay for the services! THE LOCK MAY NOT BE CHANGED.
  • No Electricity: This may ONLY be considered an emergency if there is no electricity throughout the house, it has been more than 24 hours, AND
  1. The occupant has called PG&E's outage line (800-743-5002) AND PG&E is not at fault;
  2. After Occupant has checked all circuit breakers by flipping them hard to the OFF position and then hard to the ON position and has reset any and all GFI breakers (these are the little buttons sometimes found on outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages) OR any fuses have been checked and replaced if burned out. Partial outages do not constitute an emergency.If a wall switch or outlet begins to smoke or smell like it is burning, turn off the switch or unplug items from the outlet and turn off the circuit breaker or remove the fuse.

Missed Appointments, Neglect and Unnecessary Service Calls:

The occupant is responsible for the payment of any invoice for which a repair was made for damage, etc., caused by their misuse or neglect. The occupant is also responsible for the payment of any service call charged by a service person for

  1. a missed appointment;
  2. for not providing access to the house when requested.


Department of Viticulture and Enology Main Office 530-752-0380 (8:00am-5:00pm)


Plumber PGE ????

Electrician Propane????

Contact Main office if any of these service people have been contacted.