Conference Telephone (using department conference phone)


Traci Chriss 752-0380
RMI North, Rm # 1136

FAX: 752-0382


Please ask Traci Chriss for assistance.

CONFERENCE CALL (using the department conference phone)

The department has a conference phone available for your conference call and be reserved by contacting Traci Chriss.

If other Department’s would like to use the conference phone there is a $25.00 fee to be done most likely through a transfer of expenses. See Budget Manager for details.

Actual phone call charges should be arranged at the expense of the borrowing department.

V&E department should not incur recharge process.


Phone NAM Connections are as follows:

Rm. 1207; RMI-South; NAM is located on the base of the floor, at the end of the table near screen.

Rm. 2209; RMI-South; NAM is located on the east wall, middle of room; low to the base of the floorboard.

Rm. 3215; RMI-South; NAM is located on the west wall; low to the base of the floorboard; near closet.

Rm. 3416; RMI-North: NAM is located on the north wall, near the window.