Equipment Loaned to Department

Contact Person: Carolyn Doyle
RMI North, Rm. # 3156
TEL: 754-5692
FAX: 752-0382


These items are ONLY covered by liability insurance if you have properly filed the Equipment Loan Agreement paperwork http://accounting.ucdavis.edu/Forms/.

You can, of course, choose not to follow this procedure but then if something happens to the equipment your budget, not University insurance, will be tapped for the repair/replacement cost.

The information that needs to be properly filled out the form:

  1. Name, address and phone of the lending agency.
  2. Description of the item, where it will be located, and its cost.
  3. Information as to who will pay for delivery and pick-up of the loaned item.
  4. The period of the loan.

When in doubt, it's better to have that be too long as opposed to too short. You can return the loaned item at any time, but if you want the loan extended that just creates more paperwork!

When you have provided me those information I create a property number for the item and fill out the agreement form which is then sent back to you. At that point you need to acquire the lender's signature and return the form to me. It will be forwarded up the food chain (i.e., Dept. Chair, etc.); a copy of the completed form will then be sent back to the lender.

Finally, a property tag will be generated for the item which I'll forward on to you for affixing. When the loan is terminated there is, of course, additional paperwork that will require completion. No escaping bureaucracy. Once the loan termination paperwork is filed I can officially retire the property number associated with the loaned item. If you have any additional questions, just ask.