Email: venpurchasing@ucdavis.edu
Business Office, Rm. 1162 - FAX#: 754-7899


UC DAVIS POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL http://www.mrak.ucdavis.edu/web-mans/ppm/330/330-05.htm

Keys to storage cage

Check with your faculty or other lab personnel on getting access into the cylinder cage. Some faculty may have keys check out to the lab already and if not have faculty check out a key for his or her lab from the Main Office.

Gas Cylinder

To order gas cylinder please fill out completely the Storehouse Order Form http://wineserver.ucdavis.Lindaedu/internal/Forms/V&E_Central_Storehouse.pdf and submit to venpurchasing@ucdavis.edu or turn in the form to the Business Office, Rm 1152.

Looking for catalog for specific gas type:

Go to the Storehouse website http://ucdbuy.ucdavis.edu/mm/catalog.cfm, look to the left column, under SEARCH click on Central Storehouse, next box type in GAS and click GO.

Scroll down the list to find the type gases that you want.

Next you complete a Storehouse order form.

Delivery of cylinder

Cylinder will be delivered about 1-3 days after order was submitted. Once delivered you will receive an email notifying you that your cylinder has been delivered to the RMI South Building. Your cylinder will be identified by a blue ticket. Please leave blue ticket on the cylinder.

Do not take a gas cylinder from the cylinder cage if it does not have blue ticket.

Return of cylinder

Return the cylinder to empty cylinder cage marked Viticulture and Enology located at the far end of the RMI South Building. Take the blue ticket out and bring it to the Business Office, Rm 1152.