Undergraduate Program Options

Degree programs leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) incorporate University requirements, General Education requirements, College requirements and major program requirements. The first three govern requirements for scholarship, units, and residency and require classes in English composition, American History & Institutions, writing experience, topical breadth and social-cultural diversity. Major requirements are divided into three categories: preparatory (usually lower-division classes in basic subjects), depth (upper division classes in areas directly related to the major) and restricted elective (courses in areas more peripherally related to the major). Students may also find time for a limited number of elective classes covering topics outside of their major field of study.

There are two ways to enter the B.S. program.

1. Admission as a Freshman

A carefully planned program of high school courses provides you with the best preparation of University work. Please click here for specific information.


2. Admission as a Transfer Student

Transfer Students Admission is limited to the fall in most cases - applications are due the previous November. Junior status is preferred. Preliminary contact with an advisor in Viticulture & Enology is recommended to ensure that you are following an appropriate preparatory program. Please click here for specific requirements for transferring in to the Department of Viticulture & Enology. In addition to the department requirements, students must meet University Admission requirements.