Viticulture and Enology Graduate Group

Student walking to class

Master of Science (M.S.) Degree.

The M.S. degree is designed to offer individuals a focused program of course work and research in viticulture and enology. You may apply by visiting the following Graduate Admission web site. Completion of the M.S. degree requires a student research project that requires a thesis. This is a research-based thesis degree that takes at least 2 years of full-time study for completion. Admission to a graduate program at UC Davis requires a bachelor's degree that is comparable to a degree from the University of California both in distribution of academic subject matter and in scholarly achievement.



Our mission is to guide graduate students in their development as scientists in the field of viticulture and enology by providing them with:

1. A fundamental understanding of the underlying disciplines associated with Viticulture and Enology, including chemistry/biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, sensory science, engineering, soil science, and plant biology/viticulture;

2. An appreciation for the linkages between the vineyard and winery that influence grape and wine quality;

3. An understanding of the scientific research process, including hypothesis generation, development of proper experimental design and interpretation and communication of experimental data;

4. The ability to be leaders in a changing industry that responds to societal issues in a sustainable and responsible manner. With these skills our students will have the ability to apply sound and creative science to address practical issues facing the grape and wine industries in order to improve product value and quality.



Our goal is to enhance the integrated and multidisciplinary teaching and research programs in Viticulture and Enology in order to strengthen our reputation as the leading graduate school for enology and viticulture in the world.



Graduate education provides advanced academic training and research specialization within a particular field of study to foster the development of scholars for careers in innovative research and teaching to benefit humankind. Toward these ends, the objective of graduate education at UC Davis is to develop individuals who are:

1. Ethical citizens and scholars with knowledge and appreciation of the diversity of intellectual and creative activity.

2. Independent, innovative researchers adept at creative and critical thought.

3. Leaders in the creation of new knowledge and understanding of the world and our activities in it.

4. Excellent communicators with outstanding teaching and mentoring skills.

5. Achievers successful in collaborative and cooperative ventures.