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Our students are innovators. We prepare our students to advance the art and science of grape growing and winemaking The Department of Viticulture & Enology teaches students to think critically, based on an understanding of the sciences that are the foundation of grape growing and winemaking. Our programs are based on a comprehensive preparation in mathematics and statistics, chemistry and biochemistry, microbiology and plant biology. The focus of our coursework is to provide our students the underlying principles so that they can understand current practices. Our graduates learn from practicing winemakers, viticulturists, and apply their understanding to create their own styles and practices-the result is many of the finest wines in the world. They can readily adapt to changes in the market and technological changes and have a reputation as adept problem solvers. The development of communication skills is another important goal of the program and classes require written reports and discussions, based on laboratory experience and library research. Our instructional programs in viticulture and enology are designed to teach students the scientific principles that underlie growing grapes and making wine, and the basic skills needed to apply these principles. Classes are not designed to teach a particular style of winemaking, winery management, grape cultivation or vineyard management. However, based on their detailed understanding of the process, graduates are expected to develop their own style with some tutelage and experience.

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