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Title 2018 Harvest Internship - Minimal Intervention Winery
Employer Clos Saron
Employment Location Oregon House, CA (Sierra Foothills, Yuba County)
Company Description Clos Saron is a small, family owned and operated vineyard & winery. Considered as one of the " Natural Wine" pioneers in CA.
Type Internship
Pay Scale TBD
Employment Start Date June-August
Employment End Date Mid-October to Mid-November
Job Description Clos Saron is looking for harvest interns for the 2018 vintage. An internship position will offer you opportunities to be directly involved and get hands on experience in all aspects of vineyard, winery, and harvest operations. Unlike most harvest internships, you will not end up being stuck in the lab or the pump-over crew for the duration of harvest for the simple reason that we do not have (or use) a lab, and do not do any pump-overs... You will learn an alternative approach to every single aspect of "winemaking" than what you are being taught at school. Chemical-free practices in the vineyard. Harvest by repeated passes through the vineyards picking perfectly ripe fruit exclusively (not by sugar or acid level, but rather by touch, the way you'd pick a ripe avocado in the market). Minimalistic, intuitive approach to grape processing and wine work, without the use of machinery, lab analysis, adjustments, and blending. Stomp fruit by foot, with no use of a crusher/destemmer. Minimal levels of sulfur, as the one and only addition of any kind to the must. At the end of this internship, you will have the confidence to run your own small winery, if you choose to follow our practices (Three of our harvest intern since 2010 have already started their own wineries/brands) . You will also interact with our friends (ex-interns) of La Honda and Frenchtown Farms, who share some vineyards and winery space with us. It is a lively, fun group of young people, who have started on their way in the wine world relatively recently.
You will taste lots of wines, and eat good food (nearly all the food we eat is either of our own, or our neighbors' farming)

The start date is flexible, with June as the earliest time, for individuals interested in being involve with and learning about vine work, occasional bottling, packaging, bird netting application, and harvest preparation.
Accommodations and food are provided. Alternatively, if you live nearby, you may commute back and forth if you prefer.
Candidates must be able to stay for the duration of harvest.

-Bird-netting application and removal
-Barrel work, such as cleaning and filling
-Harvesting and foot-stomping grapes
-Wine transfers
-Press operations: setup, loading, operating, emptying, washing.
-Bottling (possibly, but not for sure)
-General cleaning duties around the winery.
Contact Info Please use email to send your resumé, any questions you might have, some details about your goals and interests.
Contact Address 9269 Collin House Dr.,
Oregon House, CA 95962
Contact Phone 530 635 3244
Contact E-mail
Contact Website
Other Information Learn to produce wines that uncompromisingly express the vineyard and soil character, rather than industrial, "manufactured" wines!

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