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Title Faculty Research Assistant - Enology
Employer Oregon State University
Employment Location Corvallis, OR
Company Description The Oregon Wine Research Institute (OWRI) addresses the needs of the Oregon wine industry through collaborative
research and outreach. Two major areas of support that are required to maintain the endeavors of the OWRI are research
winemaking and the sensory evaluation of experimental wines.
Type Full Time
Pay Scale Salary
Employment Start Date 06/01/2018
Job Description 25% Co-ordinate and conduct research scale winemaking in support of Viticulture and Enology research projects. This will involve monitoring winemaking processes while collecting and compiling relevant fermentation data. Maintain accurate records of experiments and prepare reports for use in peer-reviewed publications.

15% Maintain and manage the University research and teaching winery. This will involve the day-to-day operations of the winery including cleaning, recordkeeping, planning work for enology students, and standard winemaking processes in support of research winemaking activities.

40% Organize and conduct sensory panels to evaluate experimental wines. This will include recruitment and training of panelists, collection and analysis of data, and preparation of reports suitable for use in peer-reviewed publications and/or presentations at scientific conferences.

20% Conduct bench top research in support of Dr. Tomasino and Dr. Osborne’s enology research programs including basic wine chemistry and microbiological analysis.
Contact Info
Contact Address 100 Wiegand Hall • Corvallis, OR 97331-6602
Contact Phone 541.737.3131
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