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Title Virginia Winemakers Research Exchange - Enologist
Employer Virginia Winemaker's Research Exchange
Employment Location Virginia
Company Description The Virginia Winemakers Research Exchange is a highly developed, statewide program that facilitates winery driven research. Winery driven research in Virginia is creating a greater opportunity for local winemakers to determine specific techniques that are best suited for this area. This structured research promotes growth and increases the Commonwealth's ability to focus on specific vineyard and enological techniques that have the potential to maximize quality. The Research Exchange also serves to broaden the sense of community and the cohesion among the winemakers in the state.
Type Full Time
Pay Scale $50,000-$80,000
Employment Start Date 6/1/2018
Employment End Date 5/31/2019
Job Description The Virginia Winemakers Research Exchange is looking to hire a candidate to:

1) Run the experimentation of the Virginia Winemakers Research Exchange.

2) Serve Virginia winemakers in a support role with Enological Expertise.

In the role as Research Exchange Director the candidate will be responsible for developing protocols, monitoring research, ensuring protocols are being followed correctly, helping troubleshoot problems, and ensuring samples for analysis are collected and sent in at appropriate times. The Director will also be responsible for compiling all of the experimental data and making it available to the commonwealth in a shareable format (

Secondly, the candidate will be required to serve as a link between the winemakers and current technical information, helping to apply the science of winemaking to the actual practice of winemaking in a practical manner. As such, a crucial role of the Director is to not only run the Research Exchange projects and tastings, but also to serve as a resource to the state.

Specific duties include but are not limited to:

-Helping winemakers in each regional area to establish protocols for and carry out experimentation.
-Maintaining communication with all participating winemakers and their associated regional directors to ensure the experimentation is being carried out properly and all resources of the VWRE are made available.
-Visiting wineries when needed. This will include help with experimentation, picking up samples, transfer/delivery of supplies as well as to help with any concerns.
-Answering technical questions from wineries.
-Maintaining communication with the VWRE board.
-Collecting samples from participating wineries at the appropriate time, packing/shipping of these samples, and reporting the lab results from the samples.
-Planning and conducting an adequate number of sensory sessions in each area. This will include set up, coding, compilation of results, statistics, associated handouts, clean up, etc.
-Dissemination of the experimental results results from each sensory session.
-Complete project write ups in a scientific journal format to include abstract, introduction, protocol/methods, results, and a brief discussion. To be completed as projects are finished and presented. All final write ups to be completed by June 1, 2019
-Participation in presentations/seminars/workshops/meetings as needed.
-Project summary report due June 1, 2019

Expertise Required
-MS or PhD in Food Science, Enology, Fermentation Science or closely related field;
-Hands on, practical experience making wine and working in the wine industry, wine science, fermented food and beverage industry;
-Effective oral and written communication skills.
-Ability to analyze data and present results clearly.
-Demonstrated ability to work successfully as part of a team.
-Strong organizational and data management skills.

Term: The term of this job would begin on 06/01/2018 and would continue for a period of 12 months. As such, the successful candidate would be an independent contractor for the Research Exchange.
Contact Info Emily Pelton
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