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Title Warehouse Associate
Employer Tule
Employment Location Fairfield, CA
Company Description Tule helps grape growers make irrigation decisions. We work with growers at the highest bottle points as well as the largest growers in the state.
Type Part Time
Pay Scale $15 - $20
Employment Start Date ASAP
Job Description The primary job of the Tule warehouse associate is to ensure that Tule sensors are carefully assembled, tested, and distributed in quantities required with maximum efficiency, reliability, and consistency. The warehouse associate role requires close attention to detailed instructions, skilled use of basic hand tools and power tools, and ability to complete repetitive assembly tasks efficiently.
The work for the Tule warehouse associate will be conducted in our warehouse in Fairfield, California. Occasional travel using a personal vehicle may be required (mileage will be reimbursed at the IRS rate of $0.545/mile in 2018).
Contact Info
Contact Address Fairfield, CA
Contact Phone (530) 574-0479
Contact E-mail
Contact Website
Other Information The Tule warehouse associate job requires:
? Availability for at least 16 hours/week of part time work in Fairfield from January 2018
through June 2018.
? Ability to work independently and be self-motivated - the warehouse associate will spend
a significant amount of time working independently on tasks assigned by the Tule
operations director.
? Ability to follow highly specific Tule procedures and policies required for high quality,
consistent production output.
? Ability to stay in constant communication through a variety of methods: in-person, phone,
email, text message, and/or chat system.
? Ability to receive detailed task instructions, maintain an organized task list, and report
back progress.
? Ability to safely operate basic hand tools and power tools.
? Ability to spend up to 100% of working hours standing.
? Ability to regularly lift objects weighing 50 lbs, and heavier objects with assistance.
? Ability to maintain attention to detail and accurate record keeping for the repetitive tasks
that Tule sensor assembly requires.
? Ability to securely package fragile, odd-sized, and heavy objects, including sensitive
electronics, for shipment via FedEx, UPS, USPS.
? Willingness to use a personal vehicle for occasional car travel (with mileage
reimbursement) to drop off packages, or deliver crates of inventory to Tule field
technicians in different regions (SUV, pickup or van would be ideal).
? Ability to consistently maintain a high standard of professionalism and courtesy when
interacting with Tule customers and colleagues.
? Clean DMV and criminal record, will need to pass a background check prior to hiring.
The Ideal Candidate:
? Is exceptionally organized, writes down instructions, makes checklists for themselves.
? Pays close attention to details, notices inconsistencies, loves to find and fix flaws.
? Regularly cleans their workspace, puts away parts and tools not being used.
? Takes pride in the quality of their work, performs self-checks to catch mistakes.
? Constantly looks for more efficient ways to complete repetitive tasks.
? Welcomes coaching and critical feedback on their work.
? Gives feedback about problems they run into, and shares ideas for improvement.
? Asks many clarifying questions to fully understand the goal before starting work.
? Communicates with others so that everyone is always ‘on the same page’.

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