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Title Viticulturist International Graduate Program
Employer Moët Hennessy
Employment Location International
Company Description Moët Hennessy - Estates & Wines is a part of the Wine & Spirits Division of LVMH – Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the leading worldwide luxury goods company specializing in wine and spirits, fashion, leather goods, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, jewelry and selective retailing.
Type Full Time
Pay Scale N/A - to define
Employment Start Date January 1st, 2018
Job Description
Ready for an International Graduate Program in Viticulture?

ESTATES & WINES, the Moët Hennessy wine division, is a unique collection of prestigious wineries spread across five continents. From the foothills of the Andes, the sandy, pine-fringed hills of North-Western Spain, a glacial river valley on New Zealand's South Island, and more ... our vineyards are located on exceptional sites and are among the best terroirs of their appellation. Each of our wineries have broken new ground - by pioneering new or forgotten regions; or through innovative & distinctive winemaking techniques

To further develop our pool of outstanding viticulturist talents, Terrazas de Los Andes, Cheval des Andes, Bodega Numanthia, Cloudy Bay Vineyards, Shangri-La, Cape Mentelle Vineyards and Newton Vineyards have come together to offer this unique employment opportunity.
The E&W Viticulturist International Graduate Program is a unique opportunity to enable you to embrace our wine culture, develop a broad range of skills, gain valuable international experience, break new frontiers and become a pioneer for our iconic wine brands. This program will also be the first step on a lifelong journey within Estates & Wines Moët Hennessy and LVMH Group.

We are opening three Assistant Viticulturists positions from January 2018 in California, New-Zealand and China as the start of a three-year program during which the retained applicants will rotate every year between the three locations. These three one-year assignments are designed to provide intensive and contrasting learning experiences.
Following the three years, the Assistant Viticulturists will be expected to have developed top skills in viticulture, vineyard R&D and management as well as cultural adaptability to successfully establish themselves in one of our estates.

Reporting to each Estate’s Senior Viticulturist, the Assistant Viticulturist will be expected to be a committed and high-performing member of the teams they join in the achievement of the following missions:

- Technical Vineyard Plan & related programs according to the lifecycle of the vine (irrigation, spray, grape maturity assessment, etc.)
- Vineyard data collection & analysis (e.g.: yield & pest disease monitoring)
- Harvest/Vintage vineyard operations
- Annual technical vineyard mapping coordination
- Grape suppliers’ relationships
- Vineyard budget support
- Vineyard visits/inspection, annual plans, performance records
- Research & Development
- Environmental compliance & certifications
- Health & Safety regulations and continuous improvement

To succeed in this role, applicants will need to demonstrate a relevant and renowned educational background and professional experience, as well as the proven ability to work with different cultures and languages.
We seek people willing to work in a multicultural environment and who have a proactive approach to work. Our tailored development program is driven by passionate people keen to share their experience and knowledge to enable you to become our future vintage of talent.
You must have a genuine interest in viticulture, a strong sense of ethics, be keen to learn from our team of experts and help us continue to lead innovation within our industry.


Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Viticulture or related sciences.

Languages: At least two (preferably three) languages in business fluency. One of which must be English; Spanish and Mandarin preferred for the second language

Professional experience:
At least 2 different vintages/harvests in 2 different countries and languages.
Ideally some Knowledge/experience with Pest identification/monitoring, Irrigation Water Management and Vine Nutrition.
A first experience in Precision Viticulture programs and processes is a real plus

Personal & interpersonal skills:
Good organizational skills, proactivity, curiosity and a focus for quality.
Effective communication skills.

International travel:
Applicants must be willing to relocate on a different continent every year for the next three years.
They must be eligible to visa requirements for the three countries.
They must have a drivers’ license.

Contact Info Sarah Lemoine
Please applicate on our website (web link below)
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