Local Internships for Students

Many of our students gain practical experience by working during the summer or by taking a short leave to work at a winery or vineyard at nearby companies. We strongly encourage this and, if arranged properly, students can receive academic credit for their experience via the Internship Program. Individuals outside UC Davis with previous academic preparation or work experience can also find wineries willing to accept interns through the Internship and Career Center. The annual Internship and Career Fair, held in mid-February, is one of many ways students may contact prospective employers. For more information on the Internship Program, and other career services, visit the Internship and Career Center at

There are two ways for undergraduate students to obtain academic internship credit:

1. Transcript notation may be arranged (in advance) through the Internship & Career Center. You will be asked to keep a journal of your experiences.

2. Academic credit may be arranged (in advance) through a faculty sponsor (choose a faculty member whose research interests overlap with the area of your internship). Commonly students are required to write a 5-10 page paper on a pre-arranged topic and/or keep a journal of their experiences.

International Internships for Students or Graduates

There is tremendous added value in coming to UC Davis to study winemaking and viticulture because we have connections to many opportunities in the wine industry.  Our graduates and friends in the industry and academia around the world can help you land a harvest internship in almost any wine region! In addition, a few visionary organizations support award internships in other countries for UC Davis students.  This is a great opportunity for our students to learn about the culture and technology of winemaking in locations with a successful history of making great wine.  For the awards, students must submit an application in January, and are selected after an interview with the Internship committee.  The awardees are considered our ambassadors and that of the awarding organization.  Their performance and behavior will affect the opportunities for future students.  Current award harvest internships include:

  • Award Internships (financial support)
  • Confrérie  des Chevaliers du Tastevin Laureates in Burgundy
    • Hosts coordinated by Professor Emeritus Pascal Durand
  • Antonori Agricola at Tenuta Tignanello
  • International Wine and Food Society
    • Student plans the location/s